Winners of the 2nd Annual Muse Cup

Presented by the Liquid Poets

September 13, 2009 

Best of Show:  Wesley Underwood  Buckwheat’s Revenge  Traditional 

24A Traditionals (10 entries): 

1st: Wesley Underwood     KROC     Buckwheat’s Revenge    

2nd: Matthew Burton         Liquid Poets     Sweet Mead

3rd: Anton Kress        Liquid Poets     I’m Not Lazy, I’m Sonoran 

25: Cysers/Pyments (6 entries): 

1st: Christian Warne     New England Cyser

2nd: Tim Hayner Impaling Alers     Lopez Cyser

3rd:  Tim Hayner Impaling Alers     Pyment 

25C: Other Fruit Melomels (10 entries) 

1st: Matthew Burton     Liquid Poets     Raspberry Melomel

2nd: Matthew Burton     Liquid Poets    Peach Melomel

3rd: Colin Westcott        Liquid Poets    Sweet Cheery Mead 

26: Metheglin/Braggot (10 entries) 

1st: Gordon Pencis     Metheglin

2nd: Tim Hayner Impaling Alers     ESB Braggot

3rd: Pamela McAlpin    Liquid Poets     Minty Metheglin 

26: Open Mead Category (7 entries) 

1st: Matt Kunze     Liquid Poets     Beet Mead

2nd: Ted Manahan    Liquid Poets     Horseradish Mead

3rd:  Don Chapman   Liquid Poets     Peach Rhodomel 

27: Ciders (6 entries) 

1st: Tim Hayner Impaling Alers     Lopez Cider

2nd: Tim Hayner Impaling Alers     Lopez Snickerdoodle

3rd: Kyle Byerly          Liquid Poets        Apple Lager